PROGRAMS – Since 1996, Developing Dreams Foundation (DDF) has been teaching children discipline, unity, teamwork, and self-respect through dance and music oriented classes. With more than a decade of experience teaching performing arts to both children and young adults, Pablo Malco, founder and CEO of Developing Dreams Foundation (DDF), is known for his in-depth and superior performing art curriculums that provide a reliable and safe environment for attendees to not only learn, but also to create valuable skills for their future.

DDF’s after-school programs include: Dance Classes including Hip-Hop, Salsa, Jazz, Modern, as well as Break, Vocal & Keyboard Lessons, and Music Production. DDF’s after-school programs are specifically designed for each age group and specialty concentration as well as tailored to the specific skill level of the students and class.

Through our after-school programs, students are encouraged to develop confidence, self-esteem, teamwork, and acceptance of others. In addition, students will gain mobility, coordination, increased physical well-being, and of course cool new skills in one of our several disciplines.

DDF can schedule our after-school program at your school or community center at anytime. DDF conducts all classes at your location. DDF requires at least 1 teacher /counselor/administrator from your facility to be present during the entire duration of each class. If a teacher, counselor, or administrator is not available, DDF will reschedule the event to a future date at which time an adult that represents the organization will be present or other satisfactory arrangements can be made in accordance with DDF’s after-school program’s rules.

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DDF offers a variety of dance programs in several locations for all ages please.

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