The Mission of Developing Dreams Foundation (DDF) is to provide an environment as well as an array of opportunities that foster and maintain performing arts excellence centered on the local community. We strive to provide a well-organized, structured platform combined with a positive atmosphere to effectively accomplish our mission. From beginning level performing art classes in various concentrations taught by master instructors to ample professional performance opportunities available to both novice and professional performing artists, we aim to mentor students from all walks of life, all the while leaving a positive and constructive footprint on our local communities. Specifically dealing with under-privileged and often overlooked children and young people of this world, we are passionately committed to helping the positive growth of our youth through the attainment of confidence, dignity, discipline, positive morals, and self-esteem.

Developing Dreams Foundation will achieve our mission by promising to:

  • To continue to provide superior classes for young, talented aspiring performers, allowing them to continue their education in performing arts in a safe, friendly, and productive environment.
  • To provide paid, work opportunities to performing artists in both the local and national community, allowing them to earn while creating the possibility of a career, thus a future in the arts.
  • To continue to produce enjoyable, top-notch musical productions, creating a positive environment in the local community which results in an array of beneficial results ranging from financial gains to productive youth development.
  • To create a support and mentor system that fosters the advancement of these aspiring artists and performers in various performance arts as well as in life. Upon the introduction of these systems in their lives, the students will attain and improve their artistic abilities as well as their personal character and morality.
  • To service the local community in ways that while create positivity, unity, and productivity both for the children as well as the adults and families in the area.   These positive results will not only benefit the individuals/residents of the area, but potentially provides opportunities to gain positive socio-economic results such as increased graduation rates and reduced crime rates.



School of Arts Technology

2017 Choreographers Ball