Community Dance & Music Classes

DDF offers a variety of dance programs in several locations for all ages please. Please visit our Hip Hop Dance Academy page <<insert webpage address>> to learn more about ways to enroll in our classes.

Each child/young adult can choose a single class from one of our curriculums for the duration of a session (6 to 8 weeks sessions). DDF can also provide a combination package where a student can do 2 or more performing arts disciplines for the entire course of one session. (6 to 8 weeks sessions – rotating classes).

Our Classes and Curriculums include:

  • Dance Lessons –A professional styled dance class with an experienced choreographer (Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Salsa, Break Dancing)
  • Keyboard lessons–Learn to play and read music on both a keyboard and a piano. Advanced classes include advanced skill techniques as well as working on creating one’s own music.
  • Voice Lessons –Learn to hear and emulate notes play from a piano and learn voice control like your favorite singer. (includes some authentic recording studio time)
  • Guitar Lessons – Learn the basics of reading music, including basic guitar chords and progressions. Students can learn how to play both acoustic and/or electric guitar.
  • Creative Writing Classes– Learn to write raps, poetry, songs and comedy skits. Teaches you the techniques to writing short stories, harmonies, and melodies as well as freestyle tips.
  • Music Production & Studio Engineering–Introduction to using Pro-tools or similar Digital Audio Workstations and the basics to beat making, music creation, and mixing.
  • Video Production – Learn to shoot footage, produce commercials, music videos & short films. They will gain experience in filming, directing, as well as lighting, audio, video, and video editing.

School of Arts Technology

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