Scholarship Fund

Our programs are growing and we are taking a stand to serve more children in our community. Our services include not only performing, auditory and technical arts but they help to instill discipline, self trust, confidence and motivation to strive and succeed in life. We are hoping with your help we can provide classes for a few of our students through scholarships. We can provide a few scholarships a year on our own but we can do a much bigger service with the backing of our community.

On this page you can donate funds to our general after-school/summer programs or you can select to sponsor a specific child and keep up with their monthly progress not only in our programs but in school as well. Your funds will provide a safe, friendly and inspirational home for a child or for several children. With you we can make a difference and re-shape someone’s destiny.

To donate please scroll down to bottom of this page.

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School of Arts Technology

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