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The School of Arts Technology & The Hip Hop Dance Academy by  Developing Dreams Foundation Inc.

The Developing Dreams Foundation (DDF) is expanding their reach to under0-served youth of the Sistrunk Community in East Fort Lauderdale,  by partnering with the Housing Authority of  the City of Fort Lauderdale (HAFT) to provide quality after-school programs. The partnership is designed to combat the alarming high rate of middle &  high school drop outs, teen pregnancies, gang affiliation as well as a place to help youth find their life’s purpose.

Together HAFT & DDF have dedicated location 1441 NW 5th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33311 to arts technology curriculum, dance and music classes for the youth of the Sistrunk Community. We have spoken with several families about having their child attend and we have had several inquiries over the past 30 days, but continue to run into the same questions and concerns. Parents are overwhelmed by the prices of classes, some parents with multiple kids find it impossible to provide such a “Luxury” for their kids.

Our concern, here at HHDA & SOAT is that the kids will miss out on an opportunity to experience professional quality classes in arts technology, dance and or music. We can all agree that these type of opportunities are far more important for the kids and their growth and development as they approach teenage years and young adulthood.  Developing Dreams is here to lead an entirely new generation to self worth, self discipline and personal goals setting at our safe, fun and progressive learning center.

We are raising funds to provide 20 full scholarships and 40 partial scholarships for kids between the ages of 8 – 17.

one month of classes, 1 class a week = $40 / month

Full Scholarship                                                                                                                        20 kids/teens – $40/month = $400/month X 6 months = $4,800.00 (20 students)

Half Scholarship                                                                                                             40 kids/teens – $20/month = $800/month x 6 months = $4,800.00 (40 students)

We set out to raise $9,600.00 to provide a total of 20 kids with full scholarships and 40 kids with partial scholarships (50% off).

School of Arts Technology

2017 Choreographers Ball